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Introducing the collaboration with Hajime Sorayama, a Japanese legendary artist known for his “super-realism,” precisely depicting the beauty of the human body crossed with machines. 

Works include an apparel collection using both Sorayama’s representative “Sexy Robot” and “Robot Dog” series, his newest Dobermann motif images.

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Born in Ehime Prefecture 1947.  Graduated Central Art School Tokyo 1969.

After working at an ad agency, becomes freelance in 1972.  Famous for his “super-realism”, precisely depicting the beauty of the human body crossed with machines, he has now become a legendary artist.

The “Sexy Robot” series (1978), which has spread his name worldwide, expresses the beauty of the female body crossed with a robot, influencing his later robotic works.  In 1999, Sorayama designs SONY’s AIBO and receives the Good Design Award (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) and Japan Media Art Festival Grand Prix Award (Agency for Cultural Affairs).  In 2001, the original AIBO was stored at the Smithsonian Institution & MOMA’s permanent collection, and Sorayama was awarded the Asahi Newspaper Invention Award.  The artist is also known for designing the album cover for the world-famous rock band, Aerosmith’s ‘Just Push Play’ (2001).

His recent exhibitions include ‘Unorthodox’, The Jewish Museum (New York, USA) in 2015, and a private exhibition ‘An actress is not a machine, but they treat you like a machine’ NANZUKA (Tokyo), and ‘The Universe and Art Exhibit’ Mori Art Museum (Tokyo) in 2016, and many more.



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